Karyne Trottier:

Director of accounting and administration service.
Owner's daughter and in reserve for the future

Marco Lemaire:

Director of operations and customer's relations
In reserve for the future
With us since the last 3 years

Sylvain Constant:

Experienced butcher, his specialty is marinated meats and fine cuts.
Started working for us in early 2000's

Line Emard:

Main cashier.
With us since we started our operations.

Lucie Ouellette:

Main clerk in the fruits and vegetables department
With us since 1999.

Johanne Duval:

Main clerk in the bakery department.
With us for the last 5 years.

Diane Panneton:

Team leader.
Part of the team for 2 ans

Lyne Lajeunesse :

Team leader.
New addition to our team

Please note that, even though we are a small business,
our employees are often requested to be very creative in multi tasks